Here you will find all information on the chamber music club (Kammerklubben) in English. As well as the ability to sign up for our newsletter and general assembly. 


About the Chamber Music Club 


Classical musicians have long needed a purpose built facility free from traditional structures where they can practice, network and create music in exactly the way they see fit. 

Kammerklubben was born out of a  desire to create just this. A community oriented association run by musicians with a desire to innovate and create classical music in a progressive facility. A team of talented people specializing in innovation, classical music and acoustics, have partnered with the construction company Ling Marketing Aps, which specializes in building acoustically sound practice rooms. We provide the perfect setting for musicians to rehearse, collaborate and create music. Our concert hall gives musicians the freedom and opportunity to perform in a casual setting. Kammerklubben creates a place in Copenhagen that all classical musicians can call their own, and where their creativity and ambition can flourish freely.



Rooms and memberships

Here you can see our various practice rooms and memberships


We have 10 rooms of varying sizes to suit all needs, as well as a concert hall and a common room. Each room is built under the close supervision of sound engineer Jacob Brinck to ensure optimal sound. Acoustic panels are supplied by Baux, which creates elegant and sustainable Acoustic solutions. Baux is created by the Swedish design team 'From Us With Love'. In each room you will also find an adjustable and ergonomically sound chairs specially designed for musicians, these chairs have been generously been donated to us from OktaviaChair.


Here you can see an artistic rendering of one of our rooms. 

2 large rooms

  • Acoustic panels from Baux 
  • Chairs from Oktaviachair
  • Space for ensembles to practice

4 medium rooms 

  • Chairs from Oktaviachair
  • Space for duos and trios to practice
  • Space to have lessons with pupils

4 SMALL  Rooms

  • Acoustic panels from Baux 

  • Chairs from Oktaviachair
  • Space for duos to practice 
  • Space to have lessons with pupils


Common Room

  • A Place to Hang Out and drink coffee

  • Friday bars

  • Cafes


  • Provides members a place to  collaborate and create concerts
  • Kammerklubben provides promotion and marketing, to ensure successful concerts
  • Members will be encouraged to form networks and given independence in their musical work
  • Shorter way from thought to action, through a member-controlled scene
  • Time, place and opportunity to realize your ambitions and motivate your artistic development

Here you can see the floor plan of the Chamber Club showing votes 10 rooms, common area and concert hall. We share the building with rhythmic musicians whose practice rooms you can see on the right side of the floor plan.


Full Membership / 550kr md 

  • Access to practice rooms 24/7

  • Access to internal online booking

  • 24/7 access to ensemble rooms and free rental of the concert hall

  • Ability to teach your students in chamber club premises

  • Access to common room and social events

Ensemble Friend / 200kr md

  • As a full member you can bring your ensemble to Kammerklubben for 200kr. (Up to max. 4 people)

  • The price is per. person and allows you to have them for rehearsals and concerts of chamber Club. (No individual rehearsal or use of the premises)

  • Access to communal and network

Chamber group membership / 1000kr md

  • You will have access to practice along with your regular ensemble in ensemble rooms

  • Access to communal and network

  • Access to internal online booking


Rent the Concerthall 1500KR 

  • Contact us for more information


Choir and Ensemble rental 

  • If you have a established choir or ensemble and are in need of a practice room with fixed times. Please contact us for opportunities and more information.




Contact Us 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding chamber Club.



Project Manager

Business, partnerships and commercial inquires

David Hoyer is a graduate students at CBS who married into the classical music world. Before his marriage he had no connection to classical music, and was abruptly thrown into a world filled with standards and printed rules. His appreciation of art and culture, made him interested in making classical music more accessible and less elitist. He wants to create a place that can be a root itself for the musicians to express themselves, and specializing in innovation, business development and communication,  will provide a framework for a new approach to classical music.




Association Chairwoman

Memberships and musical inquires

Bettina Marie Ezaki is a trained violinist from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. She has always dreamt of giving back to the music  environment and dissemination of classical music has been central in Bettina's driving force. It is her faith in collective power and the common responsibility of classical music's viability that brought about the idea of Kammerklubben. She is passionate about classical music moving forward to become more visibile, audible, and innovative. 




sound engineer

Sound and Acoustics queries

Jacob Brinck is a trained sound engineer and has been with the project before the  practice rooms were built allowing him the opportunity to work with the builders to ensure perfect sound design. Jacobs expertise and advice has meant that we have had the opportunity to build rehearsal rooms and rooms where the acoustics specifically designed for classical music, while guaranteed the best possible attenuation between rooms.




Ørnevej 69

2400 NV

Copenhagen, Denmark



Sign Up



Please sign up to indicate your interest in Kammerklubben, we will contact you with information on the general assembly and updates with the project. 

The General Assembly will be held at RumOs June 15th at 19:00. 

Glentevej 70a, 1. sal 2400 København NV



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